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Craft revolutionary AR games.

  • Build collocated AR games with multiplayer interactivity that will amaze your users.

  • Create and distribute persistent AR content to make your mark in the world.

  • Design truly immersive experiences by having your content interact with objects and environments in the real world.

  • Enable organic growth for your user base with Spatial Canvas' social sharing features.

AR Content that persists in the real world.

  • Your app’s content will persist in the real world - across space, time, and devices.

  • Content created in your AR applications and placed in the real world will be securely stored in the cloud.

  • Your users will be able to curate their AR content channels, deciding if their content is private, private amongst friends, or public.

  • Build and live in the 3D internet of the future - a persistent global AR network.

A new way to navigate the world.

  • No more QR codes! Experience frustration-free AR experiences.

  • Devices will automatically and immediately recognize rooms, creating a seamless user experience.

  • Never get lost in a building again with easy-to-edit indoor navigation tools.

  • Add context to your world with annotations and tags at specific locations of interest.

About Spatial Canvas API


The Spatial Canvas API enables you to build AR experiences in which multiple users are looking at the same content at the same time. Users can share content, explore datasets, and immerse themselves in shared AR experiences - all while seeing everything from their own point of view.


Our platform automatically recognizes indoor spaces as users enter those spaces, allowing developers to create AR experiences that are geo-agnostic. 3D content placed into rooms will be persistent across devices, space, and time - allowing developers to pioneer an untapped frontier in gaming and social applications.


No more QR codes! The Spatial Canvas API allows you to build AR apps that are completely markerless. Our platform works automatically and can recognize a limitless quantity of spaces. Once the room is recognized, the appropriate environment and objects will populate your space.

Cloud Based

Our platform and database of geo-located AR content sits securely in the cloud, allowing seamless sharing among your team and users.


Allow your users to control the level of privacy, ownership, and access that they have over their content and spaces. Users can choose to keep their AR content private, share it with specific friends, or share it publicly with the world.

Precision and Speed

Our platform recognizes rooms with lightning speed and has highly precise AR registration capabilities. It just works.

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